7 comments on “10 Bands You Probably Missed in 2015 (And NEED to See in 2016)

  1. Great list! I can’t say that I’ve hear of most of these bands, but I’ve definitely heard of Rival Sons and Gateway Drugs. Rival Sons have toured in the area where I live, and I have a couple of friends that book them at their bars… They’re always very excited when rival Sons are in town!


    Ian K.

  2. Ann Hummel on - Reply

    And from Canada try these bands …… Headstones, Glorious Sons, Monster Truck. From Australia The Lazys. All worth a listen and esp a live show. RnR

  3. Big fat YES on Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown. Lord.. those boys are so ready for a breakout. Caleb’s drum solos are worth the price of admission!

  4. Kim Shaheen on - Reply

    You can miss maybe 8/9 of these bands but as long as you catch Gateway Drugs, you can die, knowing in your heart, your brain, and your soul; you have experienced the best. The rush and high from the endorphins your body released, is just one of those unexpected bonuses.

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