11 comments on “The 12 Best Touring Bands You Probably Missed in 2014 (And NEED to see in 2015)

  1. Bob Cat on - Reply

    Jason, I just found your blog and I have to agree wholeheartedly with you on your first two choices. I saw several west coast shows with The Soft White Sixties opening for Rival Sons and they were undoubtedly the best shows of the year for me. Incredible bands and they really worked well together. You have a lot of credibility in my book!!! You’ve got my attention…Thanks!!
    Bob Cat, Cool, CA.

  2. Ian Crean on - Reply

    Much more interesting than the mainstream hipster annual lists, I actually feel like checking most of these out. In UK we are lucky to have Rival Sons over here regularly so I can fully endorse that recommendation, just don’t call them Classic if you want any more passes!
    I hope you get to see Blues Pills in 2015 as they would undoubtedly make your next list. They toured in UK with Rival Sons recently as it happens, so maybe the Sons will bring them out to US for you, though their headline shows are much better.
    Now off to check out your pics, cheers.

  3. nr 2 tells me you know music – I’ll definitely take a look at the other 13 (I feel I may owe you after that!)

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