10 comments on “15 Epic Moments from the Monsters of Rock Cruise 2017

  1. Todd King on - Reply

    Squid Row and seeing our friends from all over the world every year.

    Night Ranger impromptu in atrium
    The Answer…..who knew….amazing !!!!!

    MORC pulling out all the stops for us again

    Missing Tesla but thank god for Faster Pussycat and Taime being the coolest cat on the boat

  2. Chuck Priselac on - Reply

    My favorite moment was seeing The Killer Dwarfs put on a tremendous show in the theater.

  3. Danny Hunphreys on - Reply

    Vince Neil was aweful. Embarrassing really. Hoekstras 13 and Soto theater set were the top 2 for me. All the bands were great other than VN. Although Blando singing heaven and hell saved the set

  4. Heather C on - Reply

    Two of my surprise favorites were Girl School. How have I never heard of them before? Also, Joel Hoekstra and friends blew the doors off the theater with some great Dio (kudos to Vinny Appice) and Whitesnake covers.

  5. I thought that Vince Neil was horrible. The other bands including The Answer did so much better.

    Y&T rocks!!

  6. Mike fitts on - Reply

    Can you post some fan pics? I was looking down on the atrium and you guys took a pic of me looking down on the atrium and I was looking up at you guys I would love to have a. Only of that. Thx mike

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