11 comments on “16 Epic Moments on the 2016 Monsters of Rock Cruise

  1. Singing on stage with Gotthard.. This is also my 4th MORC. One of the highlights so far, singing with a band I had no clue about previously, but was so awe struck with how good they were live, I caught both shows. Hell of a damn good show!!! Uli Jon Roth in the Atrium, brought me to tears, he was sooooo good. And getting my photo with both him and Kip at the same time 😀 That only happens once in a lifetime!!!

  2. Charlie Schmacke on - Reply

    How could you not mention Metal Church’s performance on this top 16 list? Were you even there?

    • Thanks for the comment. As I mentioned in the first paragraph it was impossible for one person to see everything as there were so many options. And yes, I was there.

  3. You obviously missed the single best set of the entire cruise….Hardcore Superstar in The Atrium late Wednesday night. I’ve seen these guys close to a dozen times since 2011, and they simply SLAYED it.

    NO mention of Tyketto or Michael Monroe, either….

  4. Thanks for the comment. I heard they were great but couldn’t get to see them either time unfortunately. Too many good things happening at the same time.

  5. All the above plus 2 worth mentioning: SOTO’s performance was electric. And Vinnie Moore, OMG, that guy might be the second one I ever called a guitar god (the first being George Lynch a few years back, LOL). I agree, the best MORC to date 🙂

  6. Apostolos Kaponis on - Reply

    You miss to mention Gotthard of course. It;s a great band performed two awesome shows. The reason I’ve been on the ship for second time. Master of illusion.

  7. Missy Patterson on - Reply

    I pretty much agree with this entire article! Queensryche just absolutely kicked ass! Todd LaTorre was so perfect and I love that they pulled out some goodies from Operation Mindcrime! I literally cried during the preparty the moment that Steve Vai walked out on stage, the things he does with a guitar are not humanly possible . The Killer Dwarfs were spot on as well and absolutely such a great friendly group of guys! And Lastly, my all time favorite monsters of Rock cruise discovery is Gus G!! I had never even heard of him and after seeing all of his performances on the ship and doing tons of research since returning home, he has become one of my all time favorites!! Thanks for this review, quite a fun read!!

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