5 comments on “5 Amazing Photos of KISS Without Makeup in the 70’s

  1. I think someone – National Enquirer or something like that got ahold of a couple of these and published them in 78 or 79. Everyone at the time was freaking out because of how “ugly” the guys were without makeup… then the 80’s come along and they go without makeup for years…Simmons goes on to be the bad guy in a couple of movies…

  2. At the risk of being Stiggy-come-lately: Thanks for this! My whole introduction to pop/rock music came through Kiss. Thoroughly enjoying these pics – when I was 10 I’d never thought I’d see pics of the guys sans makeup, but that’s the InterGoogle for you. Now, just a couple of years later I’m fulfilling ten-year-old Stig’s dream of seeing his heroes au naturel (hopefulle not too naturel). Thanks! Listening to Cold Gin as I write.

  3. KISS is awesome with or without makeup. My brother LOVED KISS his whole life so i grew up listening to them as long as i can remember. Unfortunately my fabulous brother died december 2014 so i dont see or hear KISS much anymore. Im getting an Ace Frehley tattoo in honor of him soon Ace was his absoulute favorite he also played guitar very well. Well anyway KISS ROCKS NO MATTER WHAT THEYRE WEARING!!! LOVE EM..

  4. Been a kiss fan 40 yrs these pics are cool to see now .back in 1977 when I was ten I thought these guys lived and slept in their suits and makeup still like them and just as fascinated with them as then .they worked hard at an idea and never gave up no matter what some people said!

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