9 comments on “Rival Sons Will Make You Love Rock N Roll Music, Again

  1. Linda Perales on - Reply

    I am living life now that some real rock has came on the scene. When you have a band that puts out this beautiful music, it gives you hope and something too look forward to like their next album. They just keep getting better.

  2. Thomasina McNaughton on - Reply

    I’m from the UK, where Rival Sons have a massive following, because in the UK, we still have radio stations that play rock music, and we also have a vibrant rock music scene. I don’t agree with your assertion that Earache are not the right label for the band, because most major labels don’t know how to market a bona fide rock band, which is why you are overrun with Bieber, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rhianna and all that appalling corporate bollocks. Most major record labels think rock music is Coldplay (don’t even go there) I have one thing to say to underline my point: The Kings of Leon – fantastic band, switched to a major label and look at the drivel they churn out now. What a waste. Bigger aint always better.

  3. Saw them in Solana Beach, Ca two weeks ago. Maybe the best live band I’ve seen in 20 years. Can’t remember when I was more blown away by a show. Maybe U2 on the Joshua Tree tour, but they were already playing arenas. Seeing them in a 500 person venue was incredible. A

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  5. Eric Schloden on - Reply

    These guys are great. There is so much great REAL rock music out there… along these lines…check out SF’s Lee Gallagher & The Hallelujah! KICK ASS Rock n Roll

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