7 comments on “10 Epic Guitar God Moments on the Monsters of Rock Cruise 2014

  1. Karen Carey on - Reply

    When I read the title of your article, I was anxious to see what killer pic you got of Y&T’s Dave Meneketti because he surely should have been on this list!

  2. Stacy Walters on - Reply

    I agree that Dave Meniketti should absolutely be on this list. He is the best of them all.

  3. I agree, I was sure Dave Meniketti would be at the top so totally shocked when not at all! Glad Ritchie was on it! Ron Keel shreds too!

  4. Richie Kotzen was undeniably mind blowing but Luca Princiotta & Bas Maas playing for DORO were amazing! And how can you not give credit to Michael Brant playing for L.A. Guns?!?

  5. JimmyAgates on - Reply

    Akira Takasaki is truly the master. And yes you guys definately forgot Dave Meniketti!

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