Post-Punk Poetry in Motion: Deadletter Electrifies Scala

Deadletter rocked Scala with their electrifying post-punk revival, proving themselves as one of London’s most thrilling acts to watch. Their performance was a masterclass in energy and engagement, capturing the audience with a visceral blend of narrative-driven lyrics and a dynamic stage presence. The setlist, featuring hits like ‘Weights’ and the thought-provoking ‘Fall of the Big Screen’, showcased their unique ability to blend humour and social commentary, resonating with the crowd’s own experiences and emotions.

The Yorkshire-originated, South London-based band brought their A-game, infusing the venue with the droll fury of The Fall and the rhythmic prowess of Gang of Four. Their performance was not just a gig, but a statement – a blend of acerbic delivery and angst that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of modern post-punk.

Lead singer Zac Lawrence commanded the stage with a blend of wit and intensity, reminiscent of influences like John Cooper Clarke and Mark E Smith. The band’s interaction with the audience was magnetic, creating an atmosphere that was both intimate and explosive.

In essence, Deadletter at Scala wasn’t just a concert; it was a pulsating, post-punk poetry session, wrapped in a blanket of raw, unadulterated energy. This is a band that doesn’t just play music; they ignite a conversation, making them a must-see for anyone who cherishes the power of live music to move and challenge.

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Jason Miller
Jason Miller

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