Anarchy Sounds Good To Me: Punk Rock 101

Top Punk Albums of All Time

Emerging as a new musical movement in the mid 1970’s, Punk Rock was a revolt against the perceived excess of mainstream 70’s rock.

It is characterized by short, fast, aggressive songs with basic instrumentation and messages of anarchy and other revolutionary activity. It is a genre that bolstered an entire sub-culture of youthful rebellion, distinctive clothing, and an attitude of do-it-yourself.

1. The Sex Pistols – Never Mind The Bullocks – Released in 1977, it is the only “official” album recorded by this legendary band in their brilliant, but short lived career. This is the essential punk rock album and surely paved the way and laid a blueprint for others to follow.

2. The Clash – London Calling – The band’s commercial breakthrough represented a change in The Clash’s musical style and featured elements of ska, pop, soul, rockabilly and reggae music.

3. Ramones – Self Titled – Recorded quickly and cheaply; seven days on a budget of $6,200 resulting in 29 minutes of now legendary music.

4. Refused – The Shape Of Punk To Come – Final album from this Swedish hardcore punk band that challenged all of the pop punk that was popular at the time. Put on your seatbelt because this record is brutal.

5. The Misfits – Walk Among Us – Combining Danzig’s harmonic vocals with horror imagery and lyrics, backed by fast thrashing rhythms, we have 13 punk rock treasures.

6. Social Distortion – Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell – Mike Ness and company combine country and rockabilly styles with punk and crank out a magnum opus.

7. Black Flag – Damaged – This classic is credited for the birth of California hard core.

8. Warrior Soul – The Space Age Playboys – Kory Clark’s brilliant poetic rants with a backdrop of punk tinged buzz tone created a fresh new sound, dubbed Acid Punk

9. Dead Kennedys – Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables – The American version of The Sex Pistols held nothing sacred as they attacked religion and politics with animosity and a hint of sarcasm.

10. The Manic Street Preachers – The Holy Bible – The guitar player/ lyricist mysteriously disappeared after the release of this monumental album and has yet to be found. Now THAT’S PUNK ROCK!

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