Give Your Wedding A Modern Twist With These Romantic First Dance Song Suggestions

Romantic First Dance Song Suggestions

     So wedding season is again in full effect and I myself going to more weddings during the next few months than I would ultimately like to. With that in mind I am getting pretty tired of hearing the same songs over and over again when it comes to the first dance with the bride and groom. Here are the songs that need to go for sure; “Wonderful Tonight” from Eric Clapton, way too over used, and the horrifically sappy “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle. If I hear either of these again I will be the one standing up screaming that I do in fact have an objection. So please take a look at the following suggestions for new modern classics and let me forever hold my peace.

“Beside You” – Tal Bachman – This guy should have been huge. A fantastic debut album, the son of Randy Bachman (yes B.T.O. frontman), and a major label pushing it to the masses. What went wrong? I have no idea, but there is a hidden gem on here that should be a mainstay at every wedding. If the Beatles “Across The Universe” was ever re-written for a wedding, this would be the final version.

“Be Here Now” – Mason Jennings – This song is a perfect celebratory song for a first dance during an beautiful out door wedding on a sunny day. I consider him a modern day Lou Reed and this is clearly his most accessible work. *Hipsters take note. This song will make your wedding legendary.

“You Are The Best Thing” – Ray LaMontagne – This guy is poised to be the next Van Morrison of great wedding songs and he had a beard way before it was cool.

“Rain Song” – Sunny Day Real Estate – One of the most beautiful songs ever written. This one will get all both sides of the family crying with joy. Standout lyric “You are the one that I love, and it’s candy.”

“Make You Feel My Love” – Adele – For all you “traditionalist” out there, I put this one in. The original has a sap factor that is off the charts. This one is much more tolerable and done quite well. An updated classic that will surely put you and your wedding in the well deserved limelight.

As always your comments are welcome below. Please make sure and check out my post on Bachelor Party songs to make the most of your pre-wedding events.

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