Will Dirty Dishes be the next Buzz band? I think they already are.

Dirty Dishes; Making Shoegazing Cool Again

Although I have never been to Boston before, I am quite aware of the city’s significant contributions to the music scene from The Pixies and Buffalo Tom to an all time favorite of mine; The Lemonheads. Now I am ready to add yet another favorite, the new kids on the block, no pun intended, Dirty Dishes.

This four piece band from “The Hub” have landed opening slots with indie rock heavy hitters such as Passion Pit and Autolux. On the appropriately titled In The Clouds EP the band are really taking some chances here and making a bold statement at that. The title suits perfectly as the music is sonically reminiscent of a hauntingly gorgeous grey cloud surrounded by an aura of glimmering sunlight; atmospheric with fuzzy pop overtones.

Standout tracks are the psychedelic pop gem “Deer In Headlights” and the stunningly intricate “Thin Air”. Make no mistake as they are undoubtedly going to be compared to such Pitchfork darlings as Beach House and Best Coast, but I see them as more of a My Bloody Valentine crossed with early Smashing Pumpkins with a touch of Cocteau Twins.

It’s just a matter of time before someone with a dedicated following of cutting edge hipsters sends this band into a viral firestorm across the blogosphere. There’s not a whole lot of info out there right now on Dirty Dishes, which makes them even more intriguing and search worthy. Will this be a band that learns and adapts as they go along, or am I overreacting as the currently confused music landscape has missed yet another fantastic band? Only time will tell, and it seam like this year is fading fast, so best of luck Dirty Dishes;  let’s all hope you catch a well deserved break.

So in the meantime, give them your five dollars ($4.95 to be exact) and walk away with a solid EP from a promising new band. Dirty Dishes also answer the question of whether or not Myspace is still relevant. The answer is a resounding yes, but only because you can stream their entire EP there.


Have you heard this band yet? Take a listen and please join the conversation below. Your comments are always welcome and always responded to.

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Jason Miller

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