The Snuggle Bear Makes Good on a 30 Year Promise Using Social


It’s a Saturday night and I am watching a new episode of That Metal Show after coming home from a metal show. As I am watching Eddie Trunk and company interview the great Zakk Wylde they go to a commercial break. To my surprise the first commercial to run is an ad for Snuggle fabric softener. While I begin to question the target audience of Snuggle, it triggers a childhood memory where I had saved up countless UPC codes to send in for my very own Snuggle bear. I know that’s not very metal, but I think I was around 7, so give me a break. I was still listening to Twisted Sister back then.

So what do I do? Of course I tweet out my thoughts thinking that they would of course fall on deaf ears, but instead something very surprising happened.  The Snuggle bear himself tweeted back to me.

Snuggle Conversation

A week or so later, my very own Snuggle bear had finally arrived with a personal note.

“Sorry it took so long for Snuggle Bear to get to you, but we hope he makes your inner child smile.”

This is a brilliant use of social media by a big brand. Not only did they flawlessly inject the brand’s personality (#letssnuggle) but they created a personal experience that will stick with me. I have to be honest, I am not the biggest user of fabric softener, but you can be sure that the next time I am in need I am going to be reaching for Snuggle. Not only that, but I have a great story to tell my peers which is the very best type of recommendation a brand can get in this day and age.

So hats off to the social media team behind the Snuggle brand, you are clearly using social the right way, and I would say you “get it” much more than most of the big brands in the space today.

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Jason Miller
Jason Miller

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