The 12 Best Touring Bands You Probably Missed in 2014 (And NEED to see in 2015)

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Every year I pull together a list of the most amazing bands/ artists that I saw the previous year that absolutely blew my mind in one way or another. Sometimes they were opening for a band I was already booked to photograph, and other times they just had a great publicist who knows how to get me to listen to and attend a show of a band I have never heard of. In addition I always add in one or two of my favorite artists who I think should have had a break out year and deserve another shot.

With that being said, here are the best live bands I witnessed in 2014 that will likely become much bigger in 2015. Keep your eyes and ears open and do not miss the following, as each one of them is remarkable.

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 1. The Soft White Sixties

Why: They are the best live band that I saw in 2014 and their debut Get Right is my favorite record of the year.

What they sound like: Somewhere between T.Rex, The Doors, James Brown and The Dave Clark Five with a modern twist of their own. This is brilliant stuff folks and even better performed live at a club. (For San Francisco folks you can catch the band as they start a residency at The Brick and Mortar this week.)

Rival Sons band live

2. Rival Sons

Why: It’s the closest thing to Zeppelin we will ever see again. These guys are bonafide rock start in another dimension and slowly crossing over to earth.

What they sound like: A giant classic rock joint rolled out of The Who, Zeppelin, and The Doors, sprinkled with non-stop grooves. You have to see them live to believe how good these guys are.

LP I am LP (1 of 1)

3. LP

Why: Her voice is just remarkable and her songwriting is some of the best in the biz. You have to hear this one to believe it folks.

What she sounds like: Souring, gorgeous, powerful vocals that could make Adele sound flat over the top of some mesmerizing soundscapes and complex arrangements. This is the new breed of singer songwriter and she is currently unmatched.

Photographed by Jason Miller-2

4. Starset

Why: One of the only bands left that take their music and turn it into a true experience.

What they sound like: Orgy crossed with Filter, but with better storytelling.

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5. Connan Moccasin

Why: Because there will be a revival of AM rock from the 70’s in the new year and MGMT stopped making tolerable music.

What they sound like: MGMT’s first album on Quaaludes

Photographed by Jason Miller-5

6. Lullwater

Why: They are bringing back grunge.

What they sound like: Citizen Dick

Photographed by Jason Miller-6

7. Le Butcherettes

Why: Frontwoman Teri Gender Bender is one of the most unique performers I have ever seen live.

What they sound like: Like Stevie Knicks having a nervous breakdown while performing a freestyle garage rock exploration.


Photographed by Jason Miller-3

8. Carina Round

Why: She’s an incredibly diverse talent who has worked with everyone from Tears for Fears to Maynard James Keenan from Tool. I’m excited to see what she will do in 2015, as the entire industry should be.

What she sounds like: She’s been compared to PJ Harvey, Annie Lennox, Grace Slick, but I think she simply invokes the best qualities of each while adapting to her musical surroundings.

Photograph by Jason Miller-10

9. Nick Waterhouse

Why: His latest record “Holly” was recorded entirely in mono using analog tape, a practice that’s long forgotten in the digital age of bloated over-produced radio hits. “This is a Game” is a true standout from the record that makes an immediate statement in a modern era from an earlier time.

What he sounds like: Waterhouse’s Twitter profile reads simply as “Reviving Nothing”. Clearly Waterhouse has heard the comparisons to Brian Setzer, Motown Legends, the Stax family of recordings and from the several interviews I’ve read with him he’s ok with it, but isn’t riding anyone’s coattails. And he doesn’t have to.

Photographed by Jason Miller

10. Tango Alpha Tango

Why: In the current musical landscape where musicianship is few and far between, these guys could single-handedly start a revival.

What they sound like: John Mayer crossed with Stevie Ray Vaughan as the headliner at an all night juke joint.

Vaudeville Etiquette

11. Vaudeville Etiquette

Why: Tayler Lynn and Bradley Laina are a modern day Loretta and Conway.

What they sound like:Civil Wars crossed with Fleetwood Mac.

Nicole Atkins Live

12. Nicole Atkins

Why: Atkins made the record of her career with the release of Slow Phaser.

What she sounds like: My favorite female singer in the world, she’s like a cross between Billy Holiday and Fiona Apple but with a tone that is all her own.

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11 thoughts on “The 12 Best Touring Bands You Probably Missed in 2014 (And NEED to see in 2015)”

  1. Jason, I just found your blog and I have to agree wholeheartedly with you on your first two choices. I saw several west coast shows with The Soft White Sixties opening for Rival Sons and they were undoubtedly the best shows of the year for me. Incredible bands and they really worked well together. You have a lot of credibility in my book!!! You’ve got my attention…Thanks!!
    Bob Cat, Cool, CA.

  2. Much more interesting than the mainstream hipster annual lists, I actually feel like checking most of these out. In UK we are lucky to have Rival Sons over here regularly so I can fully endorse that recommendation, just don’t call them Classic if you want any more passes!
    I hope you get to see Blues Pills in 2015 as they would undoubtedly make your next list. They toured in UK with Rival Sons recently as it happens, so maybe the Sons will bring them out to US for you, though their headline shows are much better.
    Now off to check out your pics, cheers.

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