The Best Rock n Roll Band of 2015 Has Arrived: Enter The Parlor Mob

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There’s something happening in the world or rock n roll at the moment. It’s a revival of sorts, maybe a throwback, I’m not really sure yet but without sounding clichéd, it’s going to be the next big thing. Leading the charge are some of the best rock bands on the planet right now including Rival Sons, Scorpion Child, and The Soft White Sixties. Now a new contender has emerged. The Parlor Mob seamlessly combine elements of rock n roll greatness formerly introduced by legends such as Rush, Sabbath, Zeppelin, and Pink Floyd. These guys might have graduated from the school of 70’s rock, but they have gone on to earn a PhD in mastering the art of turning that inspiration into their own signature sound. Their new record Cry Wolf is an early contender for EPIC fucking rock album of the year, if that’s even a category; If not then let’s make one.

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I first heard of these guys while watching That Metal Show (The best show on television at the moment that just began their new season). In a segment of the show called “Pick of the Week” each host recommends their favorite new records to the fans. It sort of reminds me of the classic “Friend at Large” segment from the old Headbanger’s Ball episodes where I discovered a ton of cool stuff back in the day.The Parlor Mob was funnyman Jim Florentine’s pick, although he didn’t recommend the new record as it wasn’t out at the time his mention and description of these guys stuck in the back of my mind until I stumbled across the new record. God bless Eddie Trunk and his co-hosts for keeping the rock alive with That Metal Show, next step is to get The Parlor Mob on as a guest since they all have a connection to Jersey.

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Cry Wolf opens with an epic song called “The Day You Were Born” which sets the stage accordingly. It’s a song that brings you back to the late 60’s/ early 70’s when guitars were big, dramatic breaks made keyboards cool, and over the top vocals tied it all together into a full on rock n roll juggernaut. I was lucky enough to catch the band’s live show last week here in San Francisco and these guys can pull this shit off live with perfection, and they make it look easy. “Racing with a Beating Heart” is the clear standout on the record and a true gem in the middle of the live set. This song’s greatness alone is enough to forgive the band for only giving us five new songs, but in an age where the album is dying, it might be a smart move.

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The Parlor Mob Photographed by Jason Miller-5

Bottom line: Get the new record Cry Wolf and go see the live show. Celebrate this band and the company they keep as rock n roll may need to be saved once again in 2015.

Check out more photos from the show in the gallery here. (Tough show to shoot as the lights at this club are pretty much non-existent leading to VERY high ISO, therefore a bit of noise, but hey, it’s rock n roll right?)

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