Space Dazzle on 20th Anniversary of the Classic 90s Masterpiece “Spiders”

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My first day arriving as an official expat in London and much to my surprise I find out that one of my favorite band’s from the late 90s, Space, is playing across the street at the legendary 100Club. Exhausted from a 15 hour flight from the states and a hellish experience with American Airlines (never again) I decide that I absolutely have to see this show. And was I glad that I did.

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My first thought is, has it really been 20 years since the classic album “Spiders” hit the scene? Short answer, yes. My first exposure to the band was my first job in the music biz. I was a college marketing rep for Universal Music and this was my first project. (My second being Chumbawumba) I think they might have been the very first band signed to the label as well, but I could be wrong I was definitely one of the first. Led by the undeniably catchy tune that we all know and love, “Female of the Species”, the band’s debut would go on to sell more than 400.000 copies worldwide, spent 3 months in the Top 40 and is nearing 10 million hits across Youtube.

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The show that night was absolutely brilliant. Pulling heavily from “Spiders” while also showcasing the band’s incredibly versatile catalog. Although it’s been twenty years, the songs from “Spiders” sounded remarkably fresh and the four piece was as tight as can be, I was quite blown away and was quickly reminded of how much I loved this band.

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2016 brings a new album in the form of Give Me Your Future. You can pre-order at PledgeMusic where there are a ton of very cool exclusives.

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Opening the show that night was James Atkin formerly of EMF. I have always been a casual fan of the band having never seen them live. Atkin has a new solo record coming through PledgeMusic along with a ton of very cool exclusives for supporters. If the record is any indication of the live show, I’d put my money down in a second, actually I just did. Pre-order The Party Faithful here.

Check out more photos of both Space and James Atkin in the Gallery here.

Were you at the show at the 100Club? Join the conversation in the comments section below.

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2 thoughts on “Space Dazzle on 20th Anniversary of the Classic 90s Masterpiece “Spiders””

  1. Lindsay Barnes

    I was there absolutely love Space and it was a great venue too. Tommy and the lads on top form. About to catch them for the 4th time this year on Friday in Southport.

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