The Dead Daisies Make Some Noise at the Electric Ballroom

The Dead Daisies Photographed by Jason Miller_

The Dead Daisies took over Camden’s Electric Ballroom for an old school rock n roll show that is truly one of a kind these days. Touring in support of their third album Make Some Noise, this supergroup has a rotating lineup that never disappoints. On deck for the Daisies during their UK tour are Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne, Foreigner), David Lowy (Mink), John Corabi (Mötley Crüe, Union, The Scream) and Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake) and guitar virtuous Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake and Dio).

Let me start by saying that these guys might be the hardest working rock band on the planet. Not only do they connect with their fans in meaningful ways at their shows (they do meet and greets every single night), but they are masters at social media marketing which most artists are flat out terrible at. From live video performances, to video updates and exclusive photos across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, these guys could give a masterclass in social media to 99% of their rock n roll colleagues. It’s an always on approach that makes all the difference and these guys are leading the way and setting one hell of an example for their peers.

The Dead Daisies Photographed by Jason Miller_-23

But back to the music. I have two words for you: John Corabi. This guy is one of the most underrated/ under-celebrated talents on the planet. He’s pretty much got it all; the voice, the chops, the personality, it’s as if he was born to lead a super-group and I think he’s found a perfect home for his talents.

Bring in one of my all time favorite guitarist Doug Aldrich into the mix and now the band takes a turn from epicness to metal deity. Aldrich is arguably one of the finest guitar players on the planet, but he really shines when he goes back to the roots or hard rock. Give this guys some space between the bars then get the fuck out of the way because he’s going to melt your face off. On top of that he seem like a pretty humble dude as he did take a few minutes to sign two of my photos for me. (Thanks man!)

The Dead Daisies Photographed by Jason Miller_-3

Round out the band with Tichy, Lowy, and the mighty Mendoza and now it’s just getting ridiculous as in, who in the hell can touch these guys when they are firing on all cylinders? No one, absolutely no one.

The Dead Daisies Photographed by Jason Miller_-12

Highlights from the show include “Long Way to Go” and “We All Fall Down” which open up the latest record. But the surprise of the night for me was how great “Make Some Noise” sounded live. This song has a fucking monster groove and some gang style vocals that literally make the foundation shake. I don’t think the studio can capture the energy here as it’s something you really need to see live, which is great because you’ll have plenty of chance to as the band continues their European tour.

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