Biffy Clyro Close out UK Tour with a Show for the Ages

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Having moved to the UK only a few months ago Biffy Clyro has always been on my radar, but after an awakening of sorts last night, I have now seen the light. It absolutely blows my mind that one band can be so massive in one country but never quite break through in another. Hence the case with Biffy. Back in the states the band plays 500 or so capacity clubs (which I now regret going to see when I had the chance), but in the UK they sell out 20,000 seat arenas. It begs the question; what is the US missing and why do the UK get it?

This is an age old question that’s been haunting the record labels for decades. All it takes is one spark to ignite an audience anywhere around the world and for one reason or another Biffy reigns supreme seemingly everywhere but the US. After hearing the band’s seventh album Ellipsis, lead by my pick for song of the year “Howl”, you would think that world domination is right around the corner, and that still might be the case.

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I haven’t been to an arena show in years. I mean how many bands can even fill an arena these days? Maybe a handful. Standing in the world famous O2 arena and watching the capacity crowd sing along to every single word while simultaneously whipping themselves into a frenzy, it’s undeniable that this band has something for everyone. Even though I’ve just recently became a super fan of the band, there were certainly songs that I recognized during the set and I certainly had several “oh, I know that song” moments. Throw in some lasers that would make David Gilmour proud, a light show that eclipses The 1975 on their best night, and the energy of a nuclear bomb going off on stage and you have the makings for an epic show.

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I’m currently immersed in the latest record but I have plans to go back and celebrate the entire Biffy Clyro catalog and I suggest you do as well. While this was the last night of the UK tour, Biffy has additional live dates scheduled for 2017 including Rock on the Range in the US. If the past is any indication of what’s to follow then I would guess the band will be on tour pretty much all of next year.

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