Bauhaus Make Triumphant Return to London’s Brixton Academy


It may be cliched to call them the Godfathers of Goth, but it’s also challenging to explain one band’s impact over such a short time.

Bauhaus are to post-punk and goth what the Sex Pistols were to punk in terms of impact, and The Clash in the melding of musical styles. They defined a genre, crafted two perfect albums that ignited a movement, and set the stage for a number of new artists to carry the torch. Interestingly, one could view Bauhaus as an all-star band, but the process for each member coming into their own is reversed. The sum of the offshoots returns to a place where each band member is known by their reputation, not necessarily their early legacy. I mean, how many bands are there from four decades ago where every fan knows each of their individual names?

I’ve always been a fan of Bauhaus and the various offshoots the band produced post-breakup. Daniel Ash is a fucking legend on guitar, and the last Love and Rockets album is an all-time favourite. It’s a shame that he seems bored with the idea of a reunion; I think the band were making their best music around the Sweet F.A. days. Peter Murphy remains consistent and is arguably at the top of his game on stage. I saw him nearly ten years ago when touring with Ours frontman Jimmy Gnecco in San Francisco, and he was brilliant. But this would be my first time seeing Bauhaus proper.

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Jason Miller
Jason Miller

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