Skynd: True Crime Music that Will Haunt You

Who knew true crime could be a genre in music? Well, it is, and in the hands of Skynd, it’s seriously impressive.

Skynd is an industrial rock duo known for their unique sound and haunting lyrics, which are inspired by real-life crimes. Their music is dark, raw, and emotionally charged, and it’s not for everyone. But for those who are drawn to the dark side of human nature, Skynd’s music is a must-listen.

Here are a few tracks to dive into:

  • “Edmund Kemper” tells the story of the notorious serial killer, known as the Co-Ed Killer. The song is a chilling account of Kemper’s crimes, and it features haunting vocals and eerie beats.
  • “Richard Ramirez” is a tribute to the Night Stalker, one of the most feared serial killers in American history. The song is a dark and atmospheric ode to Ramirez, and it features spoken word samples from his own interviews.
  • “Jim Jones” tells the story of the cult leader who ordered the mass suicide of his followers at Jonestown in 1978. The song is a powerful and disturbing exploration of the psychology of cult indoctrination.

Skynd’s music is not for everyone, but it’s certainly breaking barriers in the music world. Their unique sound and raw lyrics are sure to appeal to fans of industrial rock, true crime, and dark music in general.

If you’re looking for a musical experience that will stay with you long after you listen to it, check out Skynd. Their music is dark, disturbing, but also incredibly compelling.

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Jason Miller

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