Eight New Artists You Need to Know for 2024

As we usher in 2024, the music horizon is ablaze with a constellation of new talents, each shining in their unique brilliance. In this diverse lineup, there’s truly something for everyone – a rich tapestry of sounds ranging from old school rock n’ roll to cutting-edge modern rock, from ’70s-infused fuzz to soulful northern melodies, and even bold strides into new metal. Here are my picks for the breakout artists of 2024 and the ones who blew me away seeing them for the first time in 2023.

Get ready for His Lordship, the dynamic duo of James Walborne and Kristoffer Sonne, fresh from a whirlwind UK tour that’s been priming the stage for their explosive debut. These guys are the real deal, bringing a pedigree to the music scene that’s hard to top. Having sharpened their skills alongside the legendary Chrissie Hynde, with Walborne on guitar for The Pretenders since 2008 and Sonne backing Hynde on drums in a solo project, their synergy is unmistakably electric.

Their sound? Imagine Buddy Holly infused with boundless energy. Their live shows are a spectacle not to be missed, featuring unforgettable bangers like ‘Buzzkill,’ ‘I am in Amsterdam,’ and their latest single ‘Jackie Works for the NHS.’ His Lordship transcends mere musical performance; they’re redefining the very soul of high-energy rock n’ roll.

Mark your calendars for January 26th, 2024, as their LP hits the UK and European shelves, promising a collection of tracks that epitomize ‘maximum rock’n’roll.’ Pre-order the new record here. 

Song to hear: Buzzkill

Iraina Mancini – A Rare Talent in Songcrafting and Performance – Iraina Mancini’s show in London was a spectacular display of musical artistry, seamlessly blending ’60s psychedelic pop with the dreamy allure of atmospheric northern soul. Her sound is a captivating mix, reminiscent of Portishead meets Mazzy Star, enriched with elements of Hooverphonic and a dash of Amy Winehouse’s deep soul. Must-listen tracks include the mesmerizing ‘Do It (You Stole the Rhythm)’ – a personal favorite – along with ‘Shotgun’, and the ’70s AM radio-evoking, lo-fi gem ‘Undo the Blue’.

Song to hear: Do It (You Stole the Rhythm)

Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, a shining star in the UK music scene has truly excelled with ‘Therapy.’ This track elevates their ’70s Jellyfish-inspired sound, weaving in elements reminiscent of Sparks, T.Rex, and Bowie. After a missed opportunity to see them live due to illness in the band, I finally caught them a year later. I saw a very different band than what I expected, but it was f*cking incredible. Their upcoming new album is looking to be a banger all around and their new single could be my favourite track of 2024.

Song to hear: Therapy

Deadletter: Rewriting the Post Punk Playbook. Picture this: a band fusing the thought-provoking energy of Talking Heads with Joy Division’s brooding intensity, all wrapped in post-punk, alt, and art rock. They’re a refreshing twist in the music scene, combining punk attitude with rock n’ roll fervour. Deadletter isn’t just good; they’re trailblazers.Give a listen to “Binge” and get ahead of the curve.

Song to hear: Binge

Kitty Liv stands out with her unique mix of soul, blues, and funk. Seeing her open for His Lordship, I was immediately blown away by her talent. Her single ‘Sweet Dreams’ is a standout, potentially one of the year’s best. Kitty Liv isn’t just one to watch; she’s poised to be the UK’s next big music sensation.

Song to hear: Sweet Dreams

Skynd transforms ‘True Crime’ into a gripping musical genre, blending industrial rock with haunting beats and raw vocals to recount real-life crimes. Key tracks like “Edmund Kemper,” “Richard Ramirez,” and “Jim Jones” offer a deep, dark experience. Not for all, but their work is undeniably groundbreaking in the music world.

Song to hear: Robert Hansen

Tribe Friday, often dubbed ‘Swedish bubblegum emo’, truly stands out with a sound more akin to a glam-infused The Strokes, with a dash of The 1975’s charm. Their electrifying performance opening for Wheatus showcased their unique blend of glam rock and emotive energy, marking them as a band to watch.

Song to hear: Salt Clouds

Starbenders from Atlanta are reinvigorating a sound once thought lost, blending Bowie-esque glam metal with a hint of ’86 nostalgia. Their slick production and undeniably cool tracks not only resonate with today’s audience but also introduce Gen Z to a timeless musical era, creating a unique fusion that’s making waves on both continents.

Song to hear: If You Need It

Drop a comment and let me know which ones you dig and let me know what bands or artists are on your radar for big things in 2024.

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