Reviving Rock ‘n’ Roll: His Lordship’s Electrifying Debut and Their Unstoppable Tour

About a year ago, a well-known guitarist from St. Louis introduced me to His Lordship, and they had me hooked with their track “All Cranked Up.” James Walbourne and Kristoffer Sonne, the brains behind this electrifying band, showcase raw musical brilliance. Walbourne has been weaving magic on the guitar strings with Chrissie Hynde’s The Pretenders since 2008, and Sonne has powered the drums for Hynde’s solo projects. Their chemistry revitalizes the energetic spirit of Buddy Holly.

His Lordship’s sound—a vibrant blend of ’50s garage rock with a rockabilly twist—echoes the early days of The Beatles yet shines with original hooks as memorable as Big Ben’s chimes. Witnessing them live is nothing short of transformative. They recently opened for Jason Isbell at the Eventim Apollo, capturing the audience with their promise of a rock renaissance.

Their debut album is now available, packed with tracks that extend this electrifying essence into your home. Highlights like “Joyboy,” a live favorite, sit alongside powerful openers “All Cranked Up” and “Buzzkill,” marking a pure rock ‘n’ roll declaration. This LP, channeling the spirit of rock’s golden era, offers a succinct 30-minute, 12-track journey, co-produced by David Wrench and mixed by Tchad Blake.

As they hit the road again, their next tour stop is in London on May 22nd at the Dome, where fans can grab a limited edition live vinyl album, capturing the unforgettable energy of their performances. This tour, just like their music, promises a revival of rock’s electrifying best.

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Jason Miller
Jason Miller

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