One comment on “Alice Cooper: Still Killing it Live, Literally and Figuretively

  1. For a long, long, time I’ve loved Alice Cooper. You absolutely nailed it in your comments above when you said something to the effect of Alice really knowing how to put together an awesome band. He’s had that skill for years, but the real treat about an Alice Cooper show is the vision behind the theatrics. It’s more like attending the live shooting of a movie than simply watching a band in concert.

    You’ve captured some great shots here as well! Back in the day, when Motley Crue’s ‘Dr. Feelgood’ album was new, had the opportunity to be a stagehand and roadie for the Alice Cooper “Trash’ tour for a day. I remember them blasting ‘Dr. Feelgood’ over the PA once it was all set up.

    Thanks for the photos!

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