Second Skin – Tales and Truths from the Mosh Pit of Life (Limited Edition Signed by the Author)



“Second Skin” is a raw and unfiltered memoir that thrusts you into the author’s turbulent journey of self-discovery. Battling mental health demons, grappling with the “what the fuck am I gonna do?” dilemma, and narrowly avoiding getting swallowed by life’s uncertainties In the midst of adversity, heavy metal emerges as their saving grace, providing an outlet for their pain and a glimmer of hope amidst the darkness.  

This gripping narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a crumbling music industry, where the author encounters amusing anecdotes that shed light on just how fucked the music business can be. As the industry crumbles around them, the author encounters hilarious anecdotes that expose the absurdity of it all. With a devil-may-care attitude and a cockeyed plan for reinvention, they dive headfirst into the wild world of B2B marketing, merging heavy metal madness with marketing brilliance. 

Brace yourself for a fast and furious tale that explores the depths of mental health struggles, celebrates the triumph of embracing passion, and leaves you howling with laughter at the sheer fuckery of the business. Get ready for a wild ride that proves you can rock your way through the darkest times and come out stronger, louder, and more resilient. This is a metalhead’s journey of becoming.


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