2 comments on “How I Discovered The Musical Genius of Ginger Wildheart

  1. Ross Macinnes on - Reply

    Brilliant article Jason. Nicely put. The man is incredible. I had the pleasure of being the opening act for Mutation in Glasgow last year and it was an amazing experience.

    Maybe one day the rest of the world will understand this mans genius.

  2. Yer Funeral on - Reply

    I have my own roller coaster of a tale when it comes to Ginger which started with Earth vs, college radio, and an East/West rep. myself. Seemed like another debuting band, Clutch, and a band on the rise, Pantera, were getting more of a push.
    Now I find out he was doing Hey Hello at the Phoenix Theater gig. So upset didn’t learn about him being there I thought he was possibly sitting out that tour with Courtney with the recording of Albion. My fault for not paying closer attention to the Pledge info at the time. Would have been grand bit of poetry to catch Ginger for the first time in the same place saw Metallica, Napalm Death, Rocket From the Crypt and so many bands since started going to shows. By hook or crook going to catch him live one of these days.
    Anyway, always nice to hear how people came to find Ginger here in the states.

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